The Top Three Musical Instruments

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Okay, let us get started!

Our top three musical instruments are violin, cello, and flute..

Hmm, maybe that is not what you had in mind! The above topic is quite subjective.

Okay then, let us rephrase it, what about, the top three musical instruments played in a band?

Now we are talking…

Well, we are pretty sure some of you guys may disagree, along with others that will agree, but when it comes to a band…Okay, okay …what kind of band? Rock band? Country band?…

Any general band if you will.

Anyway, our top three musical instruments are:

1- Acoustic guitar – Note that we have opted for an acoustic guitar as opposed to electric guitar.

Let us be realistic! Perhaps we may name few bands that do not use guitars. All the others though, will. Guitars themselves can run the show …

Advantages are enormous, get you a guitar and go anywhere and show your talent. Of course, you will need an amp to play in front of a big audience.

Finger picking is another great skill all guitarists should have and it sounds perfectly along with an acoustic-electric. By the way, have you tried a capo?

2- Keyboard – Perhaps not as portable as guitars…but it goes along pretty well with one. Guitars and Keyboards are like Ebony and ivory living together in perfect harmony Side by side on my piano keyboard, oh Lord, why don't we? If you are over 40, you know what we are talking about.

3- Drums – helps to keep the rhythm flowing baby :)

Who has never seen a drummer touching the drumsticks together before starting a song?

""We do it to show to the whole band who is the boss", someone said. Not quite but we loved it.

Hey, these are our top three instruments. Do you agree, disagree? Moreover, would you like to add or change the order of these instruments? Chime in ...

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