Online Singing Lessons, are they worth trying?

There are a few worth buying singing programs out there. Perhaps the next question would be...What program should I acquire?

One thing about online singing programs is that you don't have an instructor right in front of you, helping you right away with some, let's say, mistakes.

It is like learning a foreign language through Rosetta Stone. You may think that you are pronouncing it right till you talk to someone and they cannot understand you.

Anyway, I think you got my point.

Our recommendation is always to look for online lessons programs that offer you a feedback on a piece of sample you forward them.

Yeah, online singing courses are worth trying and we have our customers reporting they are benefiting from doing it.

We at SingPlayLearning offer three singing programs.

Singorama - you pay only $67.00 for the whole material. One disadvantage of Singorama is that it is an audio program. Pros on the other hand are enormous, you will get ebooks, audio vocal lessons, vocal warm-ups, tools like metronome, Singorama mini recording Studio, etc

Now, if you are looking for a video course, then we recommend 30-Day-Singer. It’s a subscription based payment though with either monthly or annual plans, rather than a “one-time” payment like Singorama for Instance, you will be given options to pay it monthly $29.00 or Yearly $129.00. Moreover, you can also try it for 14 days and if you don't like it you can cancel the subscription and get your money back.

If none of the two singing lessons above fit your budget, we have a third option for you which is the awarded eMedia Singing Software where you can either download the Software to your PC or MAC or even buying the DVD option with us and get a 10% discount + Free shipping.

Click the links below to learn more:


30-Day-Singer (Full Access):

EMedia Singing:

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